Victoria comments on maternity services at the Horton General Hospital

Victoria has spoken in the Banbury Guardian this week, outlining her views on maternity services at the Horton General Hospital. Her full statement is below.

“I am committed to supporting Consultant-led maternity services at the Horton, and remain in regular contact with OUHT on this and many other issues. Indeed, I sought clarity from OUHT on the number of births at the Horton this year, and was very pleased to see directly that from February to September 2015 there have been more births at the hospital than in the same period in 2014. I was myself born in our unit, and am pleased that most of our local babies come into the world there.

“The Horton provides fantastic Consultant-led maternity services to those in and around Banbury. However, it is critical that safe choices are made in maternity, and that mothers always get the best care for themselves and their babies. If that means that there are risks that could be accommodated more effectively and efficiently at the JR, or indeed elsewhere, it is absolutely right that these expectant mothers go there. We cannot risk one single mother or baby’s life, under any circumstances.

“Pregnancy, maternity, and post-natal care are issues that I will always be involved in locally and nationally. I’m acutely aware of maternity risks, fifteen years ago having myself almost died giving birth to a son who died soon after he was born. With my next two high risk pregnancies I was happy to accept the local, county and national care offered to me, even though this meant a great deal of travelling to appointments. The successful outcomes were more than worth it. I am now a patron of the Action on Pre-Eclampsia charity, which helps those who suffer from this major cause of maternal and baby death. This week alone in Westminster, I attended the Adjournment Debate on maternity care on Monday, and I spoke at length on Tuesday with Ben Gummer, as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Department of Health, on changes that can be made to improve service delivery. I went to the launch of the Leading Safe Choices report by the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists on Tuesday afternoon.

“I will continue to monitor this very closely.”