MP highlights Syrian refugee plight, and Singing for Syrians support

Victoria Prentis has praised the Government and its commitment to support Syrian refugees in countries neighbouring Syria.

Victoria spoke during the Foreign and Commonwealth Office questions in Westminster on Tuesday morning. She asked the Secretary of State: “What diplomatic support the Government is providing to the countries surrounding Syria to help displaced people.”

Secretary of State, Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, explained that the UK was the second largest donor supporting Syrian refugees in the region.

As part of her supplementary question, Victoria praised those who had found ways to support refugees who had been displaced to countries surrounding Syria, including through the Singing for Syrians campaign that she led. She asked: “Does my Rt Hon Friend agree that the UK can be proud of this response to the UN appeal for aid for those suffering in Syria. Including, if I may say so with you in the chair Mr Speaker, the response of many members of this house – including yourself – to my own Singing for Syrians initiative. Does he agree that other countries should follow our lead?”

The Secretary of State responded, “I very much welcome my Honourable friend’s Singing for Syrians initiative. That, and initiatives like it, show an extraordinary solidarity with Syrian refugees.”

Speaking later than day, Victoria commented, “I was blown away by the level of support shown for the Singing for Syrians campaign, and know it will be an even stronger campaign this year. I loved being able to attend the Banbury Choral Society concert in Banbury, and hear about the five events organised in Steeple Aston! Many villages organised their own events. Local businesses including Brita, Bicester Village, and Dorchester Group, have all made substantial donations. North Oxfordshire really has been very generous with its time and donations, and I am very much hoping that we hit the £100,000 mark.”

“It is right that we do what we can to support those in need. The money I have raised goes directly to pay for the medical teams in Aleppo. I am proud of the government’s record in getting aid to those who need it most.”