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Victoria visited Bardwell School on Friday 29th January. She had the chance to see staff and students during lessons, and look at the facilities the school has on offer.

After spending some time in the early years class looking at image and sound associations, Victoria was taken to meet students who had just had a swimming class at the school’s pool.

Victoria visited the post-16 centre to speak with students about their work, and be given a tour of the new classrooms. She was also able to discuss work experience opportunities the young people were pursing, with companies such as Sainsbury’s.

After the visit Victoria said, “It was such a pleasure to see the students really enjoying the school day. I was pleased to see such a good variety of teaching methods catered to the individual needs of the students, including adapted spaces, visual stimuli, and sound recognition. The pool looked lovely and warm too!

The post-16 student centre was brilliant. We sat together and had a drink during break time, and spoke about work experience and making the right choices in life. I had a fantastic time, and look forward to visiting again soon.”