North Oxfordshire MP, Victoria Prentis, welcomed Banbury-based Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to Westminster last week.

Alongside an exhibition in the Upper Waiting Hall of the Houses of Parliament, WRAP UK held a reception in a function room by the River Thames to give MPs and peers the opportunity to find out more about their work.

In particular, the exhibition focused on what businesses and individuals could be doing to move away from the old-style ‘design, make, use and discard’ model of the linear economy towards a more resource efficient, circular economy. In 2014, 525 people were employed in jobs relating to the circular economy in North Oxfordshire. Based on forecasts, WRAP predicts this to increase to 716 jobs by 2030.

Victoria Prentis said, “I was really pleased to welcome WRAP UK to Westminster this week, particularly as we have been hearing so much about wonky vegetables and misshapen fruit recently. Food waste and what we can do to prevent it, is a very important issue. It is also essential that we do all we can to improve resource efficiency and move towards a more circular economy, where products are kept in use for longer, and less material is wasted.

WRAP used the Upper Waiting Hall exhibition space so creatively. I know many of my colleagues appreciated the opportunity to find out more about the circular economy in their own constituencies and what they could be doing to prevent food waste and encourage recycling.

Dr Liz Goodwin, CEO of WRAP UK said, “I was delighted to have the opportunity to have an exhibition in the Upper Waiting Hall. It allowed us to talk to MPs, peers and others in Westminster about important areas of our work – reducing food waste, getting greater consistency in household collections and the potential for job creation from the UK economy becoming more circular.

“Victoria gave us great support throughout the week, despite her busy schedule, and we look forward to continuing to work with her in future to push the agenda forward.”