Bicester Garden Town launch event

Cherwell District Council are consulting with residents, businesses, schools, and other local stakeholders on the future of Bicester. They want to know what people want to see in a Garden Town.

I was sorry not to be able to attend the launch event on Wednesday evening, but hope many residents will go along to the exhibitions taking place through the remainder of the week.

I sent a statement to the event, which was read by Cherwell District Council leader Councillor Barry Wood. A copy is below.

Victoria Prentis MP (March 2016)

“I am incredibly proud of Bicester, a town I have visited more than any other in my life as a commuter, shopper, and local service user. It is a pleasure to watch it blossoming into a Garden Town.

I am taking every opportunity to promote the Garden Town, and used my first Parliamentary Question as an MP to ask the Prime Minister to ensure that the promised funding for infrastructure is provided in step with development. The Prime Minister himself knows Bicester well, as do a very large number of his constituents who travel from its stations into London.

Since that question, we have received a commitment of £19 million to support Bicester’s growth as the second Garden Town in the country.

We know that growth is not without its challenges, and the speed at which Bicester is expanding means we will experience growing pains along the way. We are a resilient and supportive group of people, and I hope you all share my view that the inconvenience of living in a building site will in the end bear fruit.  Bicester will be firmly on the map, for all the right reasons.

Cherwell District Council has consulted extensively on its plans, and will continue to do so. I will continue to press for the recognition that Bicester needs and deserves in Westminster. Be assured – Ministers in DCLG know that when I approach them, Bicester is generally the first or second word from my mouth. It will continue to be so for as long as is needed.

I hope we see many residents at the exhibitions being held over the remainder of the week. Bicester is our town, we are proud of it, and we want to be part of the decisions about its future.”