Victoria Prentis MP is encouraging constituents to check that they are registered to vote in elections.

In 2014 the government introduced Individual Electoral Registration (IER) to replace the outdated whole household registration system. This means each individual is given control over their own registration, which can be done online.

In July 2015, it was reported that over 10 million people had registered with IER, and 77% of those registrations were done online.

Victoria commented, “Voting is our democratic right and everyone who is entitled to vote should be able to. This year is a very important year in terms of democracy, locally and nationally. Cherwell District Council has all-out local elections following boundary changes, and Parish and Town Council elections will take place in some locations across the constituency, including Banbury. On 23rd June we will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not we remain a member of the European Union.

“Everyone should be able to use their democratic right to vote for who they would like to represent them. I would encourage everyone to check that they are registered, and to get in touch with Cherwell District Council if they have any concerns on 01295 227005. I understand that some addresses on new build estates in particular are experiencing difficulties registering to vote.”