Tomorrow (Wednesday 23 March 2016), the House of Commons will vote at the Report Stage and Third Reading of the High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill.

Victoria is a longstanding opponent of HS2. Since her election, she has been working closely with villages and communities in North Oxfordshire that will be affected by the proposed route. In January 2016, Victoria presented evidence to the HS2 Select Committee on behalf of the constituency, raising her concerns about traffic, noise and bridleways. She has since tabled several amendments ahead of tomorrow’s debate, some of which may help mitigate the anticipated effects of HS2 on North Oxfordshire.

Speaking about the upcoming vote, Victoria said, “I am planning to vote against the Bill at Third Reading. I may have to support some amendments during Report Stage, if it is clear they will help the constituency, should the Bill pass. In particular, I am hopeful that the Secretary of State will consider establishing an Office of the HS2 Adjudicator; I am waiting to see if the relevant amendments are selected for debate.”

You can view the proposed amendments here.