Victoria, Colin & Vicky canal boat tour Cropped

Last week, Victoria Prentis MP toured her North Oxfordshire constituency from the deck of the ‘Dancing Duck’ canal boat. Starting from Tooley’s Boatyard in Banbury, the narrowboat travelled to Cropredy along the Oxford Canal, where Victoria stopped for lunch. She also had the opportunity to walk around the village and meet constituents.

During the trip, Victoria discussed the work of the Canal & River Trust with South East Waterways Manager, Vicky Martin. They talked about a range of issues including the importance of volunteering, and opportunities for community groups to make the most of the canal. Victoria was particularly interested to hear that businesses could have a ‘Corporate Adoption’, and Scout groups a ‘Pocket Adoption’ of their local waterway. Colin Garnham-Edge of the Banbury Canal Partnership expertly navigated the narrowboat throughout the day, entrusting Victoria to steer from time-to-time.

Speaking afterwards Victoria said, “While I have been on the canal many times before, I had never explored the stretch between Banbury and Cropredy. It was really interesting to tour the north of the constituency from the deck of a narrowboat. It gave a completely different perspective of our local area. We are extremely lucky to have the canal and I am keen to ensure that we do everything we can to make the most of it. I am incredibly grateful to both Vicky Martin and Colin Garnham-Edge for their expertise and experience. I think I am probably one of the first MPs to conduct a “floating surgery” with constituents!”

Victoria steering canal boat