Victoria Prentis MP speaking with pupils at Glory Farm School 23.05.16 Cropped

Victoria Prentis MP visited Glory Farm Primary School on Monday 23rd May, and was given a tour by Head Teacher Mr Ian Elkington. Victoria visited every class, and was given more information on the work the school is doing in sports and music.

Victoria was able to watch a North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership lesson, where the aim is to encourage physical education, and being active in sport in your school and community.

A group of children in year 3 presented a musical piece they were working on. The children learn the piece of music by clapping the rhythm first, and will then play the piece on instruments next week.

Victoria read from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to a year 6 class, who were understanding maths problems using the Mad Hatter and his tea party as an example.

Finally, she spent time with year 4 talking about their recent trip to Oxford, and the things they remember about the town such as its heritage, transport links, and shopping facilities!

Victoria and Mr Elkington also discussed subjects including year 6 SATs, school roofs, and special needs support in the classroom.

After her visit, Victoria commented, “I always enjoy spending time at local schools and seeing how young people are learning. What was abundantly clear at Glory Farm was that everyone was keen to learn, and excited to be working together. It was really lovely to see.”