Victoria visits St John’s Priory School in Banbury

With year 3 Cropped

On Friday 10th June, Victoria visited St John’s Priory School in Banbury. She met with staff, and spoke to years 3 and 6.

On visiting a year 6 class, Victoria was grilled on ‘all things parliament’. Issues discussed included the EU, clothing in Westminster, how loud Prime Minister’s Questions was, and the people Victoria had met and worked with in the local area.

Victoria then met with year 3, who were very interested in issues including homelessness and taxes.

After her visit, Victoria said, “It was really good to visit St John’s Priory School. Year 6 have been concentrating hard on parliamentary studies and British values this term, and it really showed in the quality of their questioning. They got a great deal from their trip to parliament earlier in the week.

I hope all schools will take advantage of the opportunity to come to parliament. The difference in the way the children approached political life was fantastic.”