Victoria Prentis, MP for North Oxfordshire, has met with the Chief Executive of Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust (OUHFT) to discuss emerging plans for the Horton General Hospital.

On Thursday 16th June, Victoria met with Dr Bruno Holthof, and members of the communications and clinical services teams. They discussed proposals to change some services at the hospital, including Paediatrics, Maternity, and Accident and Emergency (A&E).

Victoria conveyed the concerns of her constituents, including the very strong worries about a midwife only unit. She also made clear that paediatrics and maternity services were very closely linked and could not be separated. She explained that the potential loss of A&E at the Horton would mean very significant changes to how the hospital would be used, that are not practical given the size of Banbury and its growing population.

The timetable for the upcoming consultation is:

Mid July 2016 Proposed options

·         Proposed options for consultation to be finalised (and will include projected population growth figures).

·         These will be shared with targeted public audiences.

·         The aim is to reduce a long list of options to a short list of credible options for consultation.

Mid July 2016  – October 2016


Pre-consultation process

·         Everyone will be invited to get involved in this stage.

·         Opportunity to refine the options put forward.

·         It could lead to changes in the options put forward.

October 2016 – December 2016 Formal public consultation

·         To be run by the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

·         Will include public, patient, staff and stakeholder meetings.

February / March 2017



·         A decision will be made on what option to take forward.

·         This will then be submitted to the Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee, to decide if the final option put forward is acceptable.

·         There will then be a decision on whether the Department of Health will ‘call in’ that decision.

Victoria said, “I am very concerned about these plans. I am also very worried that my constituents are just not aware of the detail of what is happening, which is creating a lot of anxiety locally. I have asked OUHFT to provide me with a timetable of the plans, which I have put on my website.

I will continue to fight for the Horton. It is a fantastic local hospital that is an asset to our community, and we cannot lose significant services from it.”