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On Tuesday 5 July Victoria Prentis hosted the Parliamentary launch of Singing for Syrians 2016. At the event, MPs found out more about what they can do locally to encourage constituents to get involved in any way they can. Whether it’s organising their own event or even just passing a bucket around at a pre-planned carol concert, every little helps.

The flagship Parliamentary concert will take place in St Margaret’s Church, Westminster on Tuesday 13 December 2016. All money raised will go to fund medical teams on the ground in Aleppo and to prosthetic limb clinics in the region. It is currently estimated that over 50,000 Syrians are amputees in urgent need of treatment.

This is Singing for Syrians’ second year; last year, £90,000 was raised with the support of match-funding from the Department for International Development. Over 300 people came to St Margaret’s to sing carols and show their support. Sadly, the need is even greater this year so it is hoped that this will become a nationwide initiative.

Victoria was delighted with the support shown by MPs at last year’s fundraising and commented: “It was so exciting to see the level of enthusiasm shown by my colleagues from all sides of the political spectrum at the launch event in Parliament. It is already looking like Singing for Syrians is going to be bigger and better than before. It is a fantastic initiative and one that I am very proud to be launching again in 2016.

With everything going on in UK politics at the moment, it is easy to forget the terrible events happening elsewhere in the world. The civil war in Syria is worse than it has ever been. Singing for Syrians is a positive way of helping Syria’s most vulnerable people, whose lives have been devastated by the war. Through fundraising, we can make a real difference to the victims of this terrible crisis. I would encourage everyone in North Oxfordshire to get involved as much or as little as they can. Singing together is a joyful way to express our solidarity and to take a hopeful stance against the horrors of terrorism.”