I was of course interested to see the proposals for North Oxfordshire, including the loss of Launton and Fringford wards to my constituency neighbour, John Howell. At the moment, I have one of the largest constituencies, with over 90,000 electors. The average number of electors in constituencies in England is 70,100, with some Welsh MPs only representing 54,300 electors. There is therefore a very strong argument that we must make changes to the current boundaries, particularly given that our area is growing rapidly. However, it will be very sad to lose villages which I currently represent, and I do have some specific geographical questions to raise. I intend to look carefully at the detail of the proposals in the coming weeks, and will be sending my thoughts to the Boundary Commission. 

I encourage my constituents to also constituents to contribute to the public consultation on the proposals, which they can do by visiting the Boundary Commission for England’s website

Victoria Prentis MP (Wednesday 14 September 2016)