After a period of public consultation, it has been decided that Banbury’s Post Office will be relocated to the WH Smith store in Castle Quay. The decision was made as a result of an announcement in January by the Post Office, stating that 39 post office branches were under threat of being closed unless franchisees could be found for the branches to relocate to.

Victoria commented: “While I know that some of my constituents had expressed concerns about the franchising of the Banbury post office, I am really relieved that it has been possible to retain such an important service in the town centre. WH Smith is an accessible location; moving the branch to a retail setting will enable the post office to continue serving the community. I would much rather this scenario than Banbury’s post office closing altogether.”

The closure of the current branch is expected at 17:30 on 9 November 2016, with the new branch opening in WH Smith at 09:00 on 10 November 2016. Staff at the current branch are being supported during the transition and assurances have been made that current branch services will continue after relocation.