Victoria Prentis, the Member of Parliament for North Oxfordshire, has managed to secure a Ten Minute Rule Bill on Tuesday 25 October. The Bill will give Victoria the opportunity to propose new legislation, or changes to existing legislation, on issues that have arisen after the unexpected downgrade of maternity services at the Horton General Hospital.

Victoria commented: “I am liaising with the Public Bill office about the exact wording of the Bill, but I intend to raise an issue relating to the challenges facing the Horton. Maternal safety is a subject that is close to my heart; presenting the Bill will provide me with a useful opportunity to raise my concerns as well as those of all my constituents on the floor of the House of Commons. I very much hope to gain the support of my parliamentary colleagues, and to highlight the challenges facing mothers-to-be in North Oxfordshire and beyond.

Ten Minute Rule Bills are introduced to the House after the day’s Departmental Oral Questions. Victoria will speak for ten minutes to convince her colleagues of the Bill’s merits, and there will be a further ten minutes during which another MP may speak to oppose her proposals. This will be Victoria’s first Private Member’s Bill since her election in 2015.