Victoria Prentis MP has joined Historic England and Bicester Heritage in calling for the public to help solve the mystery of an unknown structure on the site of former RAF Bicester.

The shelter-like structure dates from between the late 1930s and the end of the Second World War. At four metres wide by four metres deep, the structure is quite small and is now partly collapsed. Help from the public is needed to find out its story. Historic England hope to find out what it originally looked like and what its purpose was when the base was in use as a RAF Bomber Training Station. The building does not appear on wartime RAF maps of the site, but contemporary aerial photos show it had been built close to the fuel stores by December 1946.

Historic England has given Bicester Heritage a grant of £39,407 to restore a number of buildings and structures on the site. An additional grant for work to restore four further brick built shelters, including this mystery structure, is underway but information about the building is needed before work can go ahead.

Victoria commented: “I do hope that the history of the structure can be discovered. I encourage all members of the public who have any information or specialist knowledge to come forward. The historical significance of the base is very important, and I am pleased that it will be preserved with the help of Historic England and Bicester Heritage.”


The structure discovered at RAF Bicester