On 13 December, over eight hundred people joined Victoria Prentis MP and fellow Parliamentarians at St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, for the flagship carol service for Victoria’s Singing for Syrians initiative.

Now in its second year, Singing for Syrians raises money for the Hands Up Foundation, a charity which pays the salaries of doctors and funds prosthetic limb clinics in the region. People all over the country have been taking part in events, singing together in an expression of solidarity with the Syrian people and a rejection of extremism and hatred.

The choir at the concert was made up of a group of cross-party MPs, including Phil Boswell MP, Robert Buckland MP, Fiona MacTaggart MP and Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP. Fellow Oxfordshire MP Nicola Blackwood, together with Andrea Jenkyns MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP and Will Quince MP all performed solos. They were joined by performances from celebrities Simon Callow, Alexander Armstrong, Tom Hollander, Brigid Keenan and Michael Morpurgo.

Victoria said: ‘It was brilliant to see St Margaret’s full to the brim with people showing their support for those living through the ongoing horrors of civil war. We want the people of Syria to know that they are not forgotten and we are doing all we can to alleviate their suffering. The concert alone raised £37,000 and over 20 more events are planned across the country in the days leading up to Christmas. All the money will go directly to where it is needed most. It will make such a difference. I am so grateful to all those who supported us at the concert, including my Parliamentary colleagues, as well as our big supporters including local companies: Brita Ltd, Dorchester Living and Bicester Village.’

The following day, Victoria spoke in Prime Minister’s Questions. She raised the Singing for Syrians concert and asked what is being done to make sure that UK aid is reaching the most vulnerable people. The Prime Minister responded: ‘First of all, I absolutely join my hon. Friend in congratulating everyone who took part in Singing for Syrians. I am sure the whole House welcomes the work that that group is doing and the money that it is raising and putting to extremely good use. The House was struck when she mentioned the number of people who are on the waiting list for prosthetic limbs. Our humanitarian aid support for Syria is the biggest such effort that the UK has made. Of course we are giving money to the refugees who have fled from Syria. We are also working diplomatically to try to reduce the suffering and to ensure that the sort of aid and medical support that she is talking gets through to the citizens of Aleppo. We will continue to ensure that our humanitarian aid is being put to good use—helping those who are vulnerable and also helping those who need the education and support to be able, in due course, to rebuild Syria when it is stable and secure.’

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Victoria Prentis MP gives The Address.

Victoria Prentis MP gives The Address.

A Christmas Carol Service, Singing for Syrians, was held at St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey, London. The service was led by Thew Reverend Jane Sinclair Canon of Westminster and Rector of St Margaret's.