On Monday 17 July, Victoria Prentis, Member of Parliament for North Oxfordshire, met with representatives from NHS England and NHS Improvement to discuss her concerns about the recent Oxfordshire Transformation Plan Phase One consultation. Victoria was keen to make clear her views ahead of the Board meeting of the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group on 10 August.

During the meeting, Victoria voiced a number of concerns and made clear that patient safety is of utmost importance. She also discussed travel times from the north of the county to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, as well as the potential knock-on effect of any training accreditation decisions on other acute services at the Horton.

Speaking after the meeting, Victoria commented: “Since the suspension of obstetric services at the Horton, I have written to NHS England on a number of occasions to ensure that they are aware of my concerns, and those of my constituents, regarding the current situation in our area. However, I was really keen to sit down with them and have a proper discussion regarding the proposals included in the Transformation Programme Phase One consultation. The past few months have been an unhappy and confusing time for us in North Oxfordshire. There has been too much uncertainty. It was helpful to understand the views of both NHS England and NHS Improvement and ensure that we have a good working relationship going forward.”