Victoria Prentis MP welcomes Government commitment to ban microbeads

Victoria Prentis, MP for North Oxfordshire, has welcomed the Government’s plans to legislate for a ban on microbeads to come into force next year. Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that are often included in cosmetic products. They contribute to the rising levels of plastics in the ocean, causing harm to the marine environment and wildlife. The Government plans to introduce a ban on manufacture from January 2018, with a ban sale following in June 2018.

Commenting on the plans, Victoria said: ‘I was very pleased to hear that the Government plans to legislate for a ban on microbeads. I spoke in a debate on this subject in the last Parliament, and I know that a number of constituents contributed to the consultation. This is a big step forward for the marine environment and follows the plastic bag charge which has seen an 83 per cent reduction in their use since its introduction in 2015.’