“I have now had the opportunity to read the Clinical Commissioning Group’s papers. The recommendations of the CCG Board come as no surprise.

As I have made clear, I feel that the consultation was fatally flawed. While efforts have been made to seek further evidence to support phase one of the consultation, the CCG has not addressed properly our serious concerns about the process and impact. For example, in my conversations with Health Education England, I have been told that decisions regarding maternity and critical care will directly affect the provision of anaesthetic training in Banbury.  I fear this will have a knock on effect on the recruitment of anaesthetists in future. The papers before the Board do not reflect what I have been told. 

Over 10,000 responses to the consultation were received by the CCG, with the vast majority against service downgrade in Banbury. I am disappointed that the CCG are recommending that the board agrees to press ahead without listening the views of patients, rendering the consultation meaningless.”

To read the CCG’s decision papers and supporting documents, please click here