Victoria Prentis MP comments on Judicial Review progression

Following today’s decision to grant permission for a full High Court hearing of the Judicial Review brought forward by four local councils against changes to healthcare services, Victoria Prentis MP has made the following statement:

“I am absolutely delighted to hear that permission has been granted for a full hearing of the councils’ Judicial Review application. From the very beginning it was clear that the Clinical Commissioning Group’s Phase One consultation was fatally flawed. North Oxfordshire is united in its opposition to the content and process which has been used. Despite making our views known time and time again, we have been ignored. The application to the High Court for a judicial review was brought by four councils, supported by the Keep the Horton General Campaign Group. Today’s decision by Mr Justice Fraser recognises that our concerns are well founded.

Having sought assurances that no changes to maternity services will be made at the Horton until the judicial review and referrals to the Secretary of State have run their course, I will now write to the Clinical Commissioning Group once again to urge them to abandon their Phase One consultation in its entirety. We need to start again when we have a new Chief Executive and Clinical Lead. At the same time, I will do all I can to assist the councils with their preparations for the full hearing which will we hope take place before the end of the year.”