Health questions Cropped

With Baby Loss Awareness Week underway, MPs showed their support for the campaign during the second annual Baby Loss Awareness debate in the House of Commons.  

Throughout the week, bereaved parents, their families and friends unite to commemorate their babies’ lives. The movement also provides a chance to raise awareness about the issues surrounding pregnancy and baby loss in the UK. This year the focus has been on improving bereavement support for affected families.

Following on from the recent launch of a new bereavement counselling service at the Horton General Hospital in Banbury, Victoria Prentis, MP for North Oxfordshire and West Oxfordshire MP, Robert Courts, joined together to raise concerns about the safety of mothers and babies in Oxfordshire; a particularly poignant issue given the downgrade of the Banbury’s maternity services and concerns about the future of Chipping Norton’s midwife-led unit.

Alongside this, both highlighted the need to provide support for affected parents, welcoming the Government’s bereavement care pathway and work of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss.

Victoria commented: “It was an honour to speak in the debate alongside my colleagues. It was particularly encouraging to be joined by my neighbour, Robert Courts to highlight the concerns we have locally. Baby loss is heart breaking and we must do all we can to support parents and their families, focusing on prevention, restorative solutions and bereavement pathways.”

Robert Courts also said: “I was proud to speak in this debate on this all-important topic. As the issue of maternity services has been the source of much controversy in Oxfordshire, I want to draw attention to the issue of baby loss to highlight how essential it is to support parents at this devastating time.  It is a sad fact that many of the these deaths are avoidable and the UK’s rate of still births is behind many European countries, and much more can be done to prevent baby loss and to help bereaving parents.”