171018 Anaemia Manifesto

Last week, Victoria Prentis attended an event in Parliament to raise awareness of anaemia, a highly treatable but often undetected condition which affects around four million people in the UK.

The Anaemia Manifesto Steering Committee, which hosted the event, estimates that the number of patients admitted to hospital with iron deficiency anaemia has increased by 46% since 2011. The frail and elderly, who commonly suffer from micronutrient deficiencies, as well as vulnerable patients who suffer from other conditions affecting their gut, heart, or kidneys often also find themselves to be anaemic.

Speaking after the event, Victoria commented: “It was really interesting to discuss anaemia and its effects, particularly as I know of a number of friends and constituents who have struggled with symptoms before getting a diagnosis. While I knew that it is a common syndrome, I did not realise the extent to which it is a ‘hidden condition’. I would encourage any concerned constituents to consult their GP as soon as possible.”

Commenting, Michael Sobanja, Chair of the Anaemia Manifesto Committee, said:  “I am delighted that Victoria has come out to support our initiative. Her attendance on the day has significantly helped move our critical issue up the political agenda, and we hope will improve care in Oxfordshire.”