National Apprenticeship Week: Ben

I started my apprenticeship, with Town & Country Plumbing & Heating, in September 2016. From then onwards, my knowledge and skills in the plumbing trade have developed drastically and are continuing to improve.

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I had finished school not really knowing what I wanted to do with myself with the grades I had acquired. When I started, I was a little nervous as I didn’t know what to expect from being an apprentice, but as soon as I started at Town and Country I was made to feel welcome and straight away part of the team or family. It was, and still is great. I had also read in places that there is good money in plumbing and that there is a high demand for plumbers.

Personally, I would recommend to anyone not to go to college or even university as it could be a waste of time and money when you could get involved in a trade and be set up for your future life. Straight away you start earning money, which is good because you’re learning and getting paid for it whilst gaining the knowledge of a trade.

The average time it takes to complete your apprenticeship is 4 years. Within the 4 years, you attend college once a week to learn the more complex things about the trade. First you start at level 2, which takes around a year. Then, if you pass, you get an NVQ2. After level 2 the college will offer you a level 3 course which takes the knowledge of plumbing into further detail. After you complete that you will have the opportunity to take your gas course which basically allows you to work with gas which is my personal aim.